Tropical Green Sheets 1 and 2


Tropical Green Sheets. The absolute everyday go-to guide for tropical bonsai material. These are the most comprehensive guides for the tropical bonsai enthusiast. Version 1 covers 127 species of bonsai trees. Version 2 covers several not found in the first. The condensed version is a combination of 1 and 2 without photos. Click to view more information on each.


Tropical Green Sheets I and Tropical Green Sheets II. Both books for one money.

Tropical Green Sheets I

  • 205 pages covering 127 species. Loaded with full color images.
  • This is the first book of the series. We recommend all three. If you are on a limited budget then this is the book to start with.
  • Tips and Tidbits Picked Up from Various Artists and Workshops and Demonstrations
  • A Tropical Gallery of Finished Bonsai from Various South Florida Bonsai Artists
  • The Appendices Includes 18 Articles Written on a Variety of Basic Subjects.

Author: Martha Goff


Tropical Green Sheets II

  • All New Trees Featuring Imports from Puerto Rico, Florida Natives and Urban Yamadori!
  • 250 Pages loaded with full color images.
  • This is the second book of the series. If you are on a limited budget and can only afford one book at this time you may want to consider Green Sheets One.
  • All New Appendices Including Many "How-To's" to Help Save You Money!
  • All New "Tips and Tidbits" Learned Along the Way Including Tips from Suthin Sukosolovisit, Boon Manakitivipart and Pedro Morales!
  • A New Tropical Tree Gallery Featuring a Few Bonsai Clubs and Study Groups, A New Florida Artist, New Award Winning Trees, and a New Gallery Featuring Outstanding Specimen Trees!
  • A Glossary of Common and Botanical Tree Names from Both Tropical Green Sheets I and Tropical Green Sheets II.
  • Author: Martha Goff

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Tropical Green Bonsai


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