Tropical Green Sheets 1 and 2 CONDENSED


Tropical Green Sheets. The absolute everyday go-to guide for tropical bonsai material. These are the most comprehensive guides for the tropical bonsai enthusiast. Version 1 covers 127 species of bonsai trees. Version 2 covers several not found in the first. The condensed version is a combination of 1 and 2 without photos. Click to view more information on each.

Tropical Green Sheets Condensed

  • A must have for the serious bonsai grower. 300 pages covering 105 tropical species.
  • Tips and Tidbits Picked Up from Various Artists and Workshops and Demonstrations
  • Appendices Include several articles written on a variety of basic subjects.
  • This book contains information from Green Sheets 1 and Green Sheets 2. It has the same great content in a condensed and budget friendly book. The book does not contain photos, just data.
  • This is the third book Martha Goff has released in her career. Tropical Green Sheets 1, Tropical green Sheets 2 and now Tropical Green Sheets Condensed (both books in one).

Author: Martha Goff

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Tropical Green Bonsai


Martha Goff