Coupon Codes and other ways to save a buck.

secondbag (actual code)

Receive an additional $5.00 off your order when purchasing more than one product type in 3.5 gallon or larger quantities. Example: One bag of lava and one bag of mixed soil. Cannot be combined with other discounts.

topdressing (actual code)

Purchase one bag of top dressing at regular price and receive the second bag at half price.

Military Discount

We offer a 15 percent military discount. Verification via military ID, VA card or military shipping address is required. Please email credentials to [email protected], or text 786-262-3135 before placing your order. Be sure to black out any sensitive information.  We will reply with the code.

Existing Customers save 10 percent

Every website order confirmation email contains a 10 percent off coupon code for future orders(excluding live trees). This code expires in 6 months.  This code cannot be combined with any other offer. Lost code, expired code or previous purchase was on a site that restricts customer/seller communication? You can text a picture of the product bag to 786-262-3135. You can also email a picture or order confirmation to [email protected]. Kindly wait for a reply before placing the order. Coupon codes cannot be back dated.  Offer valid to previous customers only. Once verified we will reply with a code. Offer valid for any customer who has purchased our product on any platform at any time.

Migrating Customers also save 10 percent.

All existing Bonsai Jack product users, regardless of purchase store, are entitled to the same 10 percent coupon code. Some sale outlets restrict our ability to include coupon codes with shipped orders. If you have EVER placed an order for ANY Bonsai Jack product please forward your order confirmation email to [email protected] or text a picture of your shipping label or bag to 786-262-3135. We will reply with a 10 percent off coupon code.


You will not find a lower price for BonsaiJack branded products on any other big box website guaranteed. These prices are inflated due to fees. Fees have exceeded 22 percent in some cases. This means you may end up paying an additional $7.20 for one bag of aggregate. Save money by purchasing your Bonsai Jack product from a local authorized re-seller or

Please contact us before placing your order if you are unable to locate your coupon code or are having issues. We are unable to backdate coupon codes.

*Coupon codes cannot be combined.