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New bonsai soil classifier is now operational.

Originally posted 6-1-2015

We have been using a samll three deck screener for over three years. The old machine was capable of producing about 1 gallon every three minutes. It would require about 20 hours of labor per week. Its very hard work and no longer cost effective.



We received a new commercial classifier from Arizona about a month ago. Its as big as a Yugo! After a hundred hours of re-configuring, wiring and machining its finally operational. The new machine will process 14 gallons of bonsai aggregate per minute or 6720 gallons in an 8 hour shift.



The machine will start to process aggregates in about 7 days. This is not the fastest machine that money can buy but it is the most accurate. This means our customers will receive bonsai soil and aggregates that are more accurately screened.




Screen time. The old screener moved aggregate with vibration. This vibration carried the aggregate across 36 inches of screen. Vibrating aggregate bounces causing reduced screen contact time. Reduced contact time limits the number of chances fines can fall through.


The new screener uses a gyratory motion. This ensures the material maintains contact with the screen. It also has over 200 inches of screen distance. This gives the material more opportunity to pass through a screen. The old screener had 5 square feet of screening space. The new screener has over 35 square feet.

As before. The screener will classify aggregates into three groups. 1/16th to 1/8th inch(shohin material). 1/8th to 3/8ths (regular bonsai soil) and 3/8ths plus material(oversized drainage layer). The overs are sold as drainage layer or crushed. The dust particles are used locally for landscaping or potting soil mixes.

Again. Thank you all for the continued support. Equipment like this is not possible without your business.

By Bonsai Jack

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