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Originally posted 9-5-2015

Several hundred improvements have been made to

The site can now be accessed by all mobile devices. Users are now able to navigate the site and register chips using any camera ready
mobile device.

Several cosmetic and textual issues have been resolved.

Security has also been improved. Registration data is now kept offline via immediate registration data dumps. If and when the website is hacked
the hackers will only see HTML code. No user data is kept online therefore it cannot be viewed or stolen. Upon registering a chip the data is immediately
dumped to an offline database. This is an important feature to ensure the security of our customer information.

We have also improved our notification process. If your tree is stolen we will let the whole world know. Full color be on the lookout(BOLO) cards are sent to 1000 bonsai artists in over 20 countries at no charge. We are able to do this by tapping into our existing customer base. Every time a bonsai accessory order is shipped a BOLO flyer is included. We have several thousand customers in 38 countries as of 9-2015. Email alerts are also sent out to users.

Thanks for the continued support. Please visit and for more information.

Bonsai Jack

2 thoughts on “ is now mobile device friendly.

  1. I have used the succulent soil and lava rock….what are the plastic rings included in the shipment?

    1. Hello Donald. Those are reusable bag clip ring things. You can use them to reseal a bag when it’s not in use.

      Have a great week


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