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Nematode Cure

Originally posted 8-13-2016

Nematode Cure

Nematodes affect many growers, especially here in Florida. These critters can devastate multi-thousand dollar bonsai trees as well as crops. The only known legal cure was a pesticide called Aldicarb which was banned 6 years ago. Since then many companies have been offering snake oil remedies. Aldicarb was sold under several brand names including Temik.

Some good news. Aldicarb is making a comeback and may be available in your state soon. A company called Aglogic is now shipping AgLogic 15. It has the same active ingredient as the Temik. Here is a LINK to the company’s website.

If and when you are able to treat your tree with Aldicarb please remember to repeat the treatment within 18 months. The success rate is about 75 percent on the first treatment and 100 percent on the second. Affected crops are harvested within 1-2 years. Bonsai, on the other hand, can be in the same pot for decades. Two treatments ensure long-term success.

If you have an infected specimen and are not interested in jumping through hoops to get it treated please contact us. We may be interested in purchasing the tree.

Is there a safer way to treat affected bonsai? Possibly. I began testing a unique, over the counter solution three years ago. Every step of the treatment and checkups are documented on ultra high definition film. I was able to cure one tree. We will be making a 4th video to reconfirm the cure later this year. Please stay tuned.

How do you prevent nematode infestations?

  1. Purchase from trusted soilless suppliers. All of our soil
    products are guaranteed nematode free. This is because our products never touch
    the ground. We also offer pathogen free(steamed) soil for mission critical
  2. Avoid cross contaminating soil by cleaning your tools and
    pot with a bleach solution. 6 parts water to 1 part bleach.
  3. Isolate infected plants (3-5 courtesy of Jeff D.)
  4. If plants must be discarded, do so in a sealed plastic bag and remove from property.
  5. Do not reuse soil

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