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Bonsai Photo Of The Day 5/8/2017

A post for the guys.

Our newest addition to the family. A 1 year old Japanese import. This fine machine will be with us for about 15 years. It will help bring our production levels from 2000 gallons per day to 8000 gallons of finished and bagged product. It will also assist in unloading trucks that are delivered with super sacks. She will easily unload a 5500lb pallet at idle speed.  She has a tier 4 engine which prevents smell and or smoke from leaving the exhaust pipe. It's about 30 times quieter than a push mower. The transmission has two speeds allowing it to travel up to 7mph. 7MPH on a track loader is a little nerve-racking.   If you are looking for a tractor be sure to call Creel Tractor. They have some amazing deals. We saved 25 grand by purchasing a 1 year old machine that still has the factory warranty.


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