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What is that chopstick for included in every soil order from

Chopsticking 101 with Bonsai Charlie

Alot of people ask us what the free chopstick is for thats included with every soil order from, so we decided to make a video to explain its many uses!

8 thoughts on “What is that chopstick for included in every soil order from

  1. Excellent video! More on drainage layer soil and top dressing for succulents please.

    1. Thanks you for the reply and feedback. We hope to have more videos soon. Drainage layer material is not required but it can save you some money. Please check out the FAQ section for more information. Top dressing is also optional. I personally will not use in on our plants. Its a great way to dress a pot up though to help match the decor.

      Have a great week


  2. It was very hard to see what you were doing in the video…the camera was aimed too high.

    1. Hello Ellen. Thanks for the message. We have several videos available. Please visit for more

      Have a great week

  3. Great gardening and house plants.Have my 1st I put it in direct sunlight or leave it in room light.Thank you

    1. Thanks for the email Peter. It depends on the plant and zone. Some prefer shade and others need full sunlight. My suggestion would be to visit your local bonsai nursery and attend a beginners class. These are usually about a hundred bucks. Classes are important to outline of guidelines you could be following for the rest of your life. You can find a nursery using the nursery locator tool on the bottom of the page.

      Have a great weekend

  4. The camera was focused way too high. It would have been better if it was much lower. Also, it would have been nice if you did not fast forward while he was filling the pot. Thank you

    1. Thank you for the feedback. I agree that was a rough video. It’s also outdated. Please visit our YouTube channel located here for a more current video.

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