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Bulk bonsai soil aggregates now available.

Originally posted 4-6-2014

We are growing and so is our supply. Take advantage of bulk or local pickup pricing today.

Thanks to the overwhelming support from our loyal customers we are starting to order aggregates in larger batches. Our last pumice shipment was 37 yards(7474 gallons). We can in turn offer larger lots, lower prices and local bulk pickup pricing.

We have added several 14 and 28 gallon SKU’s to bonsai lava rock, pumice, pine bark fines, BonsaiBlock and Turface to our product line. These SKU’s are discounted as we all save in shipping costs. It costs about $15 to ship one 3.5 gallon bag of aggregate. We can ship three bags of aggregate for about $30.

If you are lucky enough to live in South Florida you can save even more by taking advantage of local pickup.

The 14 and 28 gallon SKU’s are only available on this website.

Local to Ft Myers? Please note: Not all local pickup products are available to Ft Myers residents due to possible conflicts of interest.

Here is a photo showing our quarter inch bonsai soil aggregate lineup. From left to right

Bonsai Block – Pumice – Maroon Lava – Black Lava – Pine Bark Fines

By Bonsai Jack

2 thoughts on “Bulk bonsai soil aggregates now available.

  1. Hi:
    We just purchased 221 Organic Soil mix (pH 604 gritty) and used it to re-pot our azalea bonsai who is approximately 4 yrs old). When we purchased this bonsai we noticed it had regular soil on it so the question is, what type of fertilizer and quantity/frequency should we use?
    We also purchased from another site some concentrate fertilizer. Any ideas to take care of our bonsai?


    Steven & Kathleen

    1. We use Harrells 14-14-14 in production. For prized trees we will use an organic fertilizer from Tropical Green Bonsai. It all comes down to cost. We don’t want to spend $3 to fertilize a $5 plant so we will use a production fertilizer that lasts for about 6 months. On $1000 plants we will use the best product available.

      I am not an expert on Azaleas but i can offer some general advice. Azalea, in general, prefer a heavy potting soil. 221 is only 20 percent organic. Growers will often add a store bought potting soil to our 221 organic mix for plants that don’t like to be too dry. I would recommend 40 percent potting soil to 60 percent 221 mix. Other plants prefer a potting soil instead of bonsai soil. I have a 30 year old Bahama Berry that is planted in straight potting soil. If this plant ever dries out it will die. Its vital that it has wet feet.

      if the plant appears to be stressed it would be a good idea to take it to your local bonsai expert for evaluation. One can be found here

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