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Bonsai Photo Of The Day 1/3/2017 ( Japanese Larch )

The Larix Kaempferi or better known as the Japanese Larch, is one of 5 genera of deciduous conifers. The tree is named after Engelbert Kaempfer who died in 1716. 

Kaempfer was born in Germany and was a medical officer for the Dutch East India Company. He spent  years in Japan, and wrote a book called “Amoenitatum exoticarum”, which was the first extensive book written about Japanese plants. There were a total of 23 plants that were introduced by him!

During the time that Kaempfer was in Japan, it was a time called the “Edo Period”, which basically isolated Japan and its mainland from the rest of the world. 

His book and studies abroad are credited with introducing the Japanese Larch to a much wider audience!

Photo Credit: Mick Harper

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