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Bonsai Photo Of The Day 12/22/2016 (Texas Baccata)

All parts of a Yew plant (Taxus Baccata) are toxic to humans with the exception of the yew berries even though their seeds are. The male Yew also releases toxins that cause headaches, lethargy, aching joints, itching, and skin rashes and is known to be a trigger for asthma. The pollen is so small that it can literally pass through window screens. The leaves remain toxic even when dry and wilted, and actually increase in toxicity the more drier it becomes.

There are a few very famous Yews in existence, but perhaps the most known is also the oldest specimen recorded for that variety. Known as the Teixu l'Iglesia, it stands 49 ft tall with a trunk diameter of 22.4 ft. Declared a Natural Monument on April 27, 1995 by the Asturian Government, this tree is known around the world for being a spectacular tree to look at. 

Credit: Mick Harper

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