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All aggregates are now washed/rinsed

Originally posted 12-13-2016

All bonsai aggregates are now washed / rinsed prior to shipping. This includes our 1/8th lava rock, 1/4 lava rock and 1/4 inch pumice. Rinsing the aggregates along with our vibratory cleaning ensures you will receive a super clean and consistently sized aggregate for your tree. We strive to offer the cleanest and most consistently sized aggregates in the business.

By Bonsai Jack

1 thought on “All aggregates are now washed/rinsed

  1. I have used several distributors in the past in my purchase of aggregates, and have for various reasons (that are mostly covered by this blog) finally come to the conclusion that is the best quality. most convenient and least expensive source available. Despite the fact that most of my purchases have been 5 gallons or less. I am very grateful to for their diligence and efforts (physical and financial) … Thanks guys … I’m glad you’re there.

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