Bonsai Jack Succulent and Cactus Soil Gritty Mix #111 – 2 Gallons – Fast Draining – Zero Root Rot – Optimized pH


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Succulent and Cactus Soil . Ultra fast draining design helps prevent root rot and over watering. Contains no heavy potting soil ingredients such as sphagnum or peat moss. Provide your prized plant with a potting soil that mimics its natural dry environment. Proven number one seller.

Features include.

  • FASTEST DRAINING SUCCULENT / CACTUS SOIL AVAILABLE!  Prevents root rot and over watering. Will not damage roots.
  • Optimized pH of 5.5. Perfect for succulents, cactus, bonsai and other acid loving plants.
  • Pathogen free with extended pathogen control.
  • Ultra lightweight and airy. Contains Bonsai Block®, Monto Clay® and Pine Bark Fines.
  • Available in several bag sizes.

Soil Mix: Bonsai Succulent and Cactus Soil Gritty Mix #111
Ingredients: 33% 1/4 Pine Bark Fines, 33% 1/4 Bonsai Block(calcined clay) and 33% Monto Clay(1/4 inch Turface).
Bulk Density: .350 ounces per cubic inch
pH: 5.5
Re-water Days: Succulents 5-30 days. Bonsai Trees 1-5 days
Average Particle Size: ¼ Inch
Minimum Size: 1/8th
Maximum Size: 3/8ths
Application: Acid loving plants including succulents
Condition: Sifted, Washed, Treated, Dried and Bagged.

Did you know?
All of our soil products are state inspected and tested on a regular basis in order to comply with multi-state regulations.
This ensures you receive material free of dangerous pathogens that can damage or kill plants. This is also required to maintain six nursery stamps that allow us to ship to all 50 states.
Products containing organic material may have been treated with one or more of the following to ensure multi-state compliance.

1. Bifenthrin drench.
2. Steam at 200 degrees Fahrenheit

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Additional information

Weight11 lbs
Dimensions12 × 4 × 13 in

A mix of tan, dark brown and a variety of earth tones.

Raw Material

Calcined clay, pine bark and Montmorillonite clay.

Country of Origin(COO)

United States

Average Particle Size

1/4 Inch

Minimum Particle Size

1/8th Inch

Maximum Particle Size

3/8ths Inch


Bonsai Jack LLC


2, Dry

Cubic Inches


Cubic Feet



Two 1 Gallon Bags



Plant Type

Formulated specifically for succulent and cactus plants.

Other Applications

Other acid loving plants that prefer a fast draining soil blend to prevent root rot.

Bulk Density

.290 ounces per cubic inch


Dye-free. We comply with State laws which require products containing Pine bark to be treated with a Bifenthrin drench. This helps prevent the spread of invasive species and provides some residual pathogen control for your plant.


  1. Maria

    Hello there! I purchased your succulent mix for my cacti and am wondering if it would be beneficial for my little Jade plant?
    Thank you, so glad I found you!

    • Bonsai Jack

      Hello Maria. This is a good fit for jade.

      Have a great week


  2. brianad28 (verified owner)

    My other question is how saturated does the soil need to be? Should I be using something with a bigger opening to help saturate the soil? This is the squit bottle I am using.

  3. Kelly Conroe

    I’ve put nearly all of my ridiculous collection in your succulent mix. Most of them absolutely love it. Some, though, in particular some oddball aloes and a jade or three, seem to need a slightly more water retentive soil. Is there something in your soil components that I can add to the succulent mix to make it more hospitable to them? I put one old portulacaria in the organic bonsai mix and it seems to be plumping up and putting on more growth. Is that mix more water retentive than the succulent mix? Would that be a viable option?

    • Bonsai Jack

      Hello Kelly. Some plants prefer more organic matter for added moisture retention. Some growers will add about 30 percent high quality “raised bed” potting soil to the mix. Others will add coconut coir.


  4. Sara Beth


    1) I have two questions I bought my bonsai jack succulent gritty cactus soil for some 2.5 in potted succulents. The soil isn’t really offering them much support, and they tip over easily. Is this normal? Should I add cactus soil to the mix?

    2) I bought some split rock and lithops. It seems to be the general consensus in lithops lovers groups that they need 90% inorganic soil (pumice, gravel, etc) and 10% organic. Is my BJ succulent gritty cactus soil a good match or should I add more inorganic material like pumice? I don’t know how much clay and bark is in the soil versus the block material, which I read is a lava rock/gravel substitute. Thank you!

    • Bonsai Jack

      Hello Sara. Thanks for the message. The soil is ready to use as is for both plant types. You may have stability issues on plants that have damaged or unhealthy root systems. Taller plants may need to be supported until the root system recovers. This can be done with a chopstick and twist tie. The plant should recover in 2-4 weeks. Please be sure to check out our Chopsticking video for general potting instructions.

      Have a great week


  5. brianad28 (verified owner)

    Hello, I recieved the soil mix on friday and repoted my plants in them saturday. I have been using a squirt bottle to water my succulents. After the 2nd day, the soil looked completely dry but now since it has been day 5 since the last water; I watered the plants. In the picture is there setting right now. Should I try and water them sooner or hold out until 5-7 days? I usually water until water drips from the bottom.

    • Bonsai Jack

      Hello Brian,
      You want to water when the soil is dry. This can be 2-7 days depending on the climate. You can find more tips on our FAQ page. You mentioned watering until it drains from the bottom. This is the correct method. They love water when dry. Saturation is not required. Some growers, including myself, will soak the plant for a couple of minutes when it’s time to water. This mimics a heavy rain after a dry spell as seen in desert climates.

      I hope this helps


  6. Elizabeth Rosenberg (verified owner)

    Hey! I just bought this for my succulents and I’m excited to use it. How do you recommend transpotting the plants into this soil? Should I wash all of the current dirt off the roots under running water? Is it important to get as much of the old dirt off as possible or can I leave some on? Thanks, Elizabeth

    • Elizabeth (verified owner)

      Thanks! That video is very helpful!

    • Bonsai Jack

      Hello . Good question. I personally wash out all of the old soil unless the plant is not within re-potting season. Its not good to have any peat based soil in part of the pot and fast draining(our succulent soil) in another. We will “slip pot” a plant if its out of season and do a full re-pot when its back in season. Here is a good “full” re-potting video.


  7. Elizabeth Rosenberg (verified owner)

    Hi, I actually have a few more questions. How is best to water the succulents in this mix? Right now I water by soaking the whole pot in a bucket of water until the soil is saturated. Do you recommend soaking the pot until saturated or just running water through? Second, how often should I fertilize? Lastly, can I propagate the succulents in this soil? Thanks, Elizabeth

    • Bonsai Jack

      You are very welcome. Some people will soak the plants and pots. I prefer to water succulents with a light watering wand until water drains from the bottom. This should only be done when the soil is completely dry. It’s just not practical to soak plants when you have more than 20 of them. Just keep an eye on them. If they start to suffer then change your watering habits.
      The succulent mix is great for propagation.
      Fertilizing depends on the species. In general we will fertilize succulents every March and let them be.

      I hope this helps. Let me know if you have other questions.


    • Elizabeth (verified owner)

      Sounds great! Thanks so much for all your help!

  8. Julia

    Just repotted all my succulents into a large bonsai tray with your soil and was wondering :
    a) when do I repot again with your mix?
    b) how long do I have to rehabilitate my quarantined-and-somewhat dying succulents (due to possible watering issue with previous soil) before I see improvement?
    c) what kind of fertilizer do you recommend, if any? for approx. 1 window sill of plants and fertilizer-novice

    • Bonsai Jack

      Hello Julia,

      You want to repot when the root system has started to take over the pot.
      You should see an improvement within a couple of weeks as long as the roots are not too far gone. If you find the root system failing it may be better to propagate cuttings. This will give you a new plant in the proper soil.
      We use Tropical Green Bonsai fertilizer on our high end plants. Here is a link We use Harrels 14-14-14 on our bulk nursery stock. You should be fine with any balanced fertilizer(5-5-5, 10-10-10) as long as you follow the instructions. We apply a granular fertilizer to ur succulent once per year in March.
      I hope this helps


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