Build Your Own Soil Mix 3.5 Gallons (14 Dry Quarts)


Custom blended orchid, bonsai and succulent soil. Choose ingredients by whole percentages. Example: If you would like one part each of Pumice, Lava and Fir Bark you would enter 34, 33 and 33 to make 100 percent.

Custom soil mixes are available in gallon, 3.5 gallon, 7 gallon, 14 gallon and 28 gallon SKUs.


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Weight19 lbs
Dimensions10 × 20 × 5 in
Raw Material

Various ingredients based on growers DIY soil mix recipe.


Bonsai Jack LLC


3.5, Dry

Cubic Inches


Cubic Feet



One 3.5 Gallon Bag


  1. Loretta Mattos

    Hello Bonsai Jack,
    Would any of your soils be suitable for lavender plants? I’m in Hawaii and lavender is just not the easiest plant to grow here (fairly high humidity). Store bought soils just don’t cut it.
    Would you be able to recommend a custom blend?
    “An ideal soil is considered to consist of 45% mineral (sand, silt, and clay), 5% organic matter, and 50% pore space.” – from ‘Soil Preparation for Lavender’ by Curtis Swift (
    I’ve seen varying suggested ph ranges, all tending towards “slightly alkaline”, somewhere between 6.7 to ~8.

    PS – Bought a couple bags of the succulent blend a few weeks ago and am LOVING how the succs are looking already!!

    Thanks for any feedback!!

    • Bonsai Jack

      Hello L. Thanks for the message. The short answer is I don’t know. We have not worked with lavender. Dr Swift calls for mineral, organic matter and pore space which all of our soils have. I suspect he is referring to smaller particle sizes. My suggestion would be to try a small bag of the #221 mix and see how it works out. You may even want to try adding about 25 percent potting soil to the mix to help it out. All of our mixes are very gritty and not really designed for the typical house plant. Please keep me posted on your progress.

  2. Randy McKinney

    Hi my friend xxx xxxxxxxxx ordered last year. Do you keep the proportions and approximate delivery time to Virginia Beach, Virginia? Thank you, Randy

    • Bonsai Jack

      Hello Randy. Thanks for the message. We do keep records. We have had 10940 orders since his last order. The transit time to VB is about 3 business days. Please check our FAQ section for transit time details. BYOS blends could take an extra day to process. His last order consisted of 20 percent each… maroon lava, pine bark, pumice, Bonsai Block and Granite. If i had to choose i would substitute Monto Clay for the granite to bring the pH below 7.0. Have a great week


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