1 Gallon 1/4 Inch Monto Clay pH 5.6 (Montmorillonite Calcined Clay) Bonsai Soil Amendment (4 Dry Quarts)


Monto Clay ®, short for Montmorillonite clay, is a fired clay product used to amend soil. Montmorillonite is sold under other brand names such as Turface MVP®.

The advantage of Monto Clay is the 1/4 inch particle size. 1/4 inch particles prevent dry spots, poor drainage and settling which can create acidic shock. Ideal for use in bonsai soil, cactus soil, succulent soil, hydroponics and amending soil to increase drainage.

Montmorillonite is known for its cation exchange capacity(CEC). It’s also a great acidifier. The acidic properties help offset the alkaline properties of other ingredients such as pumice and lava rock. Monto clay is a great substitute for Akadama.

Condition: Screened, Tumbled, Dried and Bagged.

  • Similar properties of hard Akadama.
  • Uniform 1/4 inch Particle size prevents dry spots, poor drainage and settling.
  • Acidifying soil amendment
  • Pathogen free high fired clay
  • Available in 2 quart, 1 gallon, 2 gallon, 3 gallon, 6 gallon, 12 gallon and 24 gallon SKUs

Monto Clay® comes from the same company, mine and processing plant as Turface®. It’s the exact same product, only larger. Although this is technically 1/4 inch Turface we are not permitted to sell it as Turface®. This is because it conflicts with the Turface brand name. The folks at Profile products were kind enough to manufacture this product to our specifications. This product is exclusive to the Bonsai Jack product line.


Did you know?
All of our soil products are state inspected and tested on a regular basis in order to comply with multi-state regulations.
This ensures you receive material free of dangerous pathogens that can damage or kill plants. This is also required to maintain six nursery stamps that allow us to ship to all 50 states.

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Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 5 in

Light Brown / Khaki Tan. Similar to Turface MVP

Raw Material

Calcined Montmorillonite Clay

Country of Origin(COO)

United States

Average Particle Size

1/4 Inch

Minimum Particle Size

1/8th Inch

Maximum Particle Size

3/8ths Inch


Profile Products


1, Dry

Cubic Inches


Cubic Feet



One Gallon Bag



Plant Type

Cactus / cacti, succulent, orchid, fruiting, flowering and citrus.


No dyes or chemicals.

Other Applications

Fast draining soil blends that require an acidic additive.

Bulk Density

.332 ounces per cubic inch