Thanks for stopping by. Please know that we are fully operational and will continue to ship orders on time, on all platforms.  Our employees have been voluntarily quarantined since 3-10-20 as a safety precaution. Our circle is closed and healthy.  Temperatures are checked daily. We are stocked with advanced PPE. Hand washing protocols are in place and we are not mingling with the public. As with hurricanes we are fully prepared and will not close. In fact, we are running at 500 percent capacity as our competitors, who rely on Amazon warehouses, are experiences outages. All orders are shipped from our warehouse direct to consumer, no matter the portal. We do not rely on third party platforms that can become vulnerable at times such as Amazon. We always ship and have done so for 11 years. We are overwhelmed with orders and need to throttle sales until we can safely staff up to meet demand. Thousand orders days are common place lately. We have been forced to remove 3.5 gallon and above SKUs, at times, from some portals in order to reduce the load on our facility. Please be patient if you see a product that is not available for purchase.

Please be safe.

Jack Pollock