Originally posted 4-2-2014 We have added Dark Grey to our Bonsai Cut Paste color selection. This is the 6th color
Originally posted 4-1-2014 Bonsai Aggregate Sampler We now offer a Bonsai Jack aggregate sampler. SKU 799600829882 This will allow you
Originally posted 3-29-2014 What is Bonsai Block? Bonsai Block is a lightweight high fired natural looking aggregate with a variety
Originally posted 2-22-2014 What is Lime Sulfur and how is it used in Bonsai? Ahhh, the stinky stuff everyone hates
Originally posted 2-15-2016 Bonsai Cut Paste 101 Making a superior cut paste is a difficult and complicated process. Selecting the
Originally posted 1-13-2014 Not all aggregates are created equal. Sourcing aggregates for bonsai can be difficult. It can be even
Originally posted 1-18-2014 Why are bonsai soil aggregates so damn expensive? Inexpensive bonsai aggregates are out of reach for most
Originally posted 12-13-2016 All bonsai aggregates are now washed / rinsed prior to shipping. This includes our 1/8th lava rock,
Originally posted 12-2-2013 We have completed sourcing and testing for our long awaited bonsai grade quarter inch pumice. The first