Todays Photo of the day comes to us from the Walter Pall collection. It is a beautiful example of
Chopsticking 101 with Bonsai Charlie Posts Alot of people ask us what the free chopstick is for thats included with
Todays featured Bonsai Photo Of The Day comes to us courtesy of Ian Young over at Bonsai Eejit. This is
Did you know that up until very recently for a family in Japan to be known as being of "noble
Its almost the end of the year , and we here at Bonsai Jack's are grateful for all the people
Having the correct soil can mean the difference between a healthy, beautiful and thriving plant or having a leafless twig
Did you know that the majority of people pronounce "Bonsai"  incorrectly? Ask anybody that has ever heard of our art
In 1976 bonsai master Masaru Yamaki donated one of the most famous pines ever to the United States as part of
All parts of a Yew plant (Taxus Baccata) are toxic to humans with the exception of the yew berries even though
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