Bonsai Lime Sulfur 4oz (calcium polysulfide)

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Bonsai Lime Sulfur is a compound used in the art of bonsai to whiten deadwood(Jin and Shari). This gives the wood an aged white appearance.

Designed specifically for bonsai trees. Proprietary formula to maximize the whitening effect. Only one application is required in most cases.

Bonsai Jack lime sulfur is created using three ingredients. Water, Lime and sulfur.

Available in 4 and 8 ounce bottles.

Features include…

  • Made in the USA
  • Maximum strength at 29 degrees Baumé
  • Superior bleaching/whitening action
  • Guaranteed sediment free
  • Does not contain arsenate of lead or nicotine.
  • Manufactured in the USA and packaged in an American container.

Product is lightly filtered to provide a consistent color and grade. Most lime sulfur on the market includes what is called “slurry” or a byproduct. It’s the sediment that is created with every batch. Roughly 20 percent of every lime sulfur batch is a slurry. Our product only provides the top 80 percent of each batch, the best part. This slurry is removed from our product and its then lightly filtered. This ensures every batch/bottle is consistently perfect.

Instructions: Using protective gear. Moisten deadwood, apply with a brush and let dry. Rinse excess product from live plant material. Rinse entire plant once the product has dried. For best results allow the plant to age outdoors for a few days.

Danger / Safety: NOT TO BE USED AS A PESTICIDE. HARMFUL IF SWALLOWED. MAY BE INJURIOUS TO EYES. Keep out of reach of children. Contains Calcium Polysulfide. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. To avoid formation of harmful vapors do not mix with acids. Use in ventilated area.

You must be 18 to purchase this product. This product cannot be shipped by priority mail due to federal regulations. This is not a pesticide. Please check your local hardware store if you are looking for a pesticide / lime sulfur product.

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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in

Reddish dark amber

Raw Material

Lime, sulfur and water to create calcium polysulfide. This is not a pesticide grade lime sulfur. It does not contain arsenate of lead or nicotine.

Country of Origin(COO)

United States


Bonsai Jack LLC


29 Degrees Baumé




Exclusively to bleach(whiten) deadwood in the art of bonsai. Not intended for any other use. Not to be used for insect or fungus control. Limit contact with living plant material. Test before use.


Plastic blue bottle with lined resealable cap.

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