Who is Walter Pall? According to his website : Walter Pall was born in 1944 in Austria, he is married
Photo credit: Walter Pall
Todays photo of the day is a great example of why you should keep your foliage small. You have to
One of the coolest features any bonsai can have is deadwood. The deadwood technique enhances the illusion of age by
Todays photo of the day is known as the Pinus mugo. But it has alot of other names such as
Photo Credit : Walter Pall
Todays Photo Of The Day comes to us from the personal collection of Walter Pall. Such a GORGEOUS bonsai!
Todays Bonsai Of The Day! What a gorgeous specimen! You can see the love they put into the plant itself!
Here is an example of our new QR code which points to our chopsticking video on youtube. What are QR
The Larix Kaempferi or better known as the Japanese Larch, is one of 5 genera of deciduous conifers. The tree